Sunday, February 13, 2011

4 Poets Hike Private Land~

Today we took a special hike on one Poets Private Land out in Huntersland as a test run for Snowshoeing up Bennet Hill next week. 

Three of us road out together at about noon. After some reconnoitering the four of us set out to make a loop around our hosts property line skirting Partridge Run State Forest.

It was a Beautiful day and we made progress quickly. We took our time, tested out the gear, and even sang a few Hiking Songs. :)

...of course I am in none of the pictures again 
'cause I'm takin' them!

This is what Bears do when looking for a snack!

It wasn't all powder as you can see; 
but we had enough on top to make a go of it.

The end of the Trail with Home in site!
Nice and warm with Beer and Sandwiches waiting!

With Lunch consumed 
and Beer to grease our spirits
an impromptu Jam Session ensued! 
bIRD even got some of this on audio!

Life is good among friends!

The end to a perfect day!

Geezer Difficulty Rating : 
Four Individual Half Geezers 
in the Prime of their Geezerhood!



As we approached the intersection of Route 85 and Route 1, I was looking out the front windshield. 
We were conversing quietly and generally remarking on the day when (to my eyes I watched with horror in slow-motion) as the Maroon Truck you see here T-boned and flipped the Black Truck you see upside-down!

Jim called 911, while bIRD and I ran to see what we could do! I helped a young woman out of the cab of the Maroon Truck and then moved around the Black One to find that the truck was setting on one door and the other was wedged shut! I was contemplating how to open the window when one of the occupants realized that he could make his way out if the sliding window behind the cab. I then directed the other occupant to follow and with that everyone was free and MIRACULOUSLY UNHARMED!

All I can say is AMEN! 

We stayed around for awhile to make sure everyone was alright and the owners of the house on the corner came out and took charge of things. The unfortunate expertise gained from living at a dangerous intersection. Witnesses and Family members began to show up to care for those involved so after leaving my number we headed on our way a little somber and a lot more cautious.

It being the 13th I would have to say that even though their vehicles were a loss; these folks were VERY LUCKY!




olliesmom said...

I would like to know what you guys were singing as you hiked along. Something from the Sound of Music, perhaps?

obeedúid~ said...

Think Snow White and the Four Dwarves... :')